Text Book Answers
Java Programs and OOPS
Chapter -1 Core Basics Date Class EXAM PAPERS Resources
Chapter-2 Examples Employee Class Specimen Paper HL-1 Syllabus
Loops Loops Invoice Class Specimen Paper SL-1 Glossary
Revision task Strings Time class Specimen paper SL-2 Marking Scheme OOP
    String Manipulation Accounts Class-OOP OSI Layers  
    Sort Data Exception Handling Big O Guide to Big O notation
    Sort Strings RAF Read and Write UNICODE  
    Using Methods Inheritance    
  FixedLengthStringIO Inheritance Box Example    
  Arrays Basic Random Access Files    
EE Guide Arrays Sort and Search Validate Numbers    
    HW:Task Sheet    
MSP1 Glossary Java Programming Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Pseudocode
MSP2 Algorithms Object Oriented Programming MYP Task 2D Flowcharts
Test Ans Specimen   CDEDIT CARD DATA-17 LCM HCF task
Subject Report 2016   ISBN DATA-17 Using Loops
Subject report N15   2Darray text file MCQ Laptop Sales
        LCM & HCF numbers Students Data
    Computer Science Notes Ideas for IAs    
      IA Examples Moderated by IB    

Counting Monetary Units Practice Coding
Computational Thinking Change Problem Sorting Data Algorithms
OSI Model, OSI Layers Loan Payments Pseudocode practice
Pass by Value and Reference   2D Array Laptops Sales and Students data
What do these Abbreviations Mean?   Class Numbers
Logic Gates worksheet   Class Stats
Useful Resources for IA