The MYP design cycle

“Every designer may approach a problem in a different way. Depending on their specialism, designers tend to have their own methodology, but some general activities are common to all designers. The design cycle model underpins the design process.

The design cycle model (Figure 1) represents the MYP design methodology of how designers develop products. The process is divided into four stages: inquiring and analysing; developing ideas; creating the solution; evaluating. This incremental process allows the designer to go from identifying a design opportunity to the testing and evaluation of a solution. This process leads to the creation of solutions that solve a problem.

It is important to note that, while the design cycle includes several successive stages, the design cycle is an iterative and cyclical process. When using the design cycle, students will often need to revisit a previous stage before they can complete the stage they are currently working on.”


  Design Cycle

Global Context: Orientation in Time and Space


Key Concept: Communication

  Related Concepts: Form and perspective
  Critical Thinking: How can the design cycle be represented creatively?

ATL Skills

•Creative Thinking
•Information Literacy

  Design Ideas
  Tech Fair Poster Task
  Digital Story Telling